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Paid Online Surveys | How to MAXIMIZE your earnings? 💵

Are you looking to make your first steps in the world of paid online surveys? We’ve got a single, most important piece of advice you’re going to hear about that – make it count. Every side hustle is there to serve a purpose – online surveys are no different. So…

You’ve got to make it count. This time around, we decided to focus on helping you get the most out of your surveys and prepared some tips and tricks that will show you how to maximize your rewards.

In this article, you’ll find the answer to the following questions: 

  • How do paid survey sites work? 
  • How to Increase Your Chances of Qualifying for Online Surveys 
  • Is it possible to make $100 per week taking paid online surveys? Why do some paid surveys disqualify me? 
  • Why You Might Not Receive Payout from Paid Survey Sites – top 10 mistakes to avoid when taking surveys 
  • How to Spot Legitimate Paid Online Surveys and Avoid Scams 
  • What is the best time of day to take paid online surveys? 

Paid online surveys – How it works? 

paid online surveys how it works

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Why on earth would anybody pay me for completing a survey? That’s crazy!

This is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind. No wonder, it sounds almost too good to be true. But it is real – fear not. So, without any further ado, let’s address the question. Why?

It’s actually quite simple. Plenty of companies need consumer data to improve or develop new products, strategies and services. it helps them hit their mark in terms of financial gains and market demand. And we’re talking about a huge variety of different companies across all sorts of industry sectors. Reviewing clothes, playing games, answering personal questions related to political views, jobs or family – the options are seemingly endless. And they don’t mind pumping all that money into it. They put this precious, hard-earned data to good use. 

With so many types of surveys available, there’s a huge earning potential for anyone interested in taking them, simply because the demand and variety are driving it. 

Easier than ever

With all the technology at our fingertips, most companies decided to move that part of their business to the Internet. It wasn’t always like that – there used to be in-person surveys, telephone surveys, also known as CATI (computer-assisted telephonic interviews) or hugely popular nowadays – paid online surveys. As far as accessibility goes – it’s never been easier to start doing something like this. You’ll only need a laptop or a smartphone – it’s up to you. There are dedicated apps you can use to find and apply for surveys you are interested in. Other companies have websites (that actually still run pretty smoothly on mobile devices as well) you can sign up for to look for paid surveys. And with so many of them, you can easily try them out and see how that line of “work” suits you. No strings attached.

So, what would I even be doing?

Now that’s a question. The answer? Depends. Let’s say a survey is all about watching some ads… Well, you’d be watching ads. Sometimes there might be a question there. Medical surveys or focus groups are among the highest-paying ones and, of course, they are the ones that are hardest to land. Nevertheless, those who manage to do so can expect to be asked questions about their medical history, background, perhaps symptoms or overall state of mind. Of course, there are some conventional surveys where you have to answer a series of questions related to the subject matter, but some are far more interactive – choosing photos, reviewing or playing games. It all comes down to what appeals to you the most.

Okay… What’s in it for me?

You don’t need to put too much effort into it and as long as you have a stable WiFi connection – you’re good to go. We have to mention the main course, the money, gift cards, app coins, discounts…You can get paid in many different ways. All that for doing a low-effort job whenever you want, while sitting in your pyjamas. No boss, no schedule. Not too shabby, right?

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Paid online surveys – How to increase my chances of qualifying? 

First steps

Alright, so you found an app or a website you like and managed to set up the account. You’re over the moon and ready to finally make some money. 

But… Surprise, surprise. Not so fast.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that you actually have to apply and qualify for a survey. Now, what does it mean exactly? Yes, there’s a selection process, you don’t just automatically get in.

But fear not, we are here to tell you that, luckily, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of making the cut.

Always provide consistent data 

There’s really no way around it. If you don’t – that data is useless and nobody’s going to pay for it. These surveys are designed to identify any inconsistencies and when they spot them – you can get disqualified. They have dedicated algorithms just for that. So even though it’s easy and doesn’t take a big chunk of your time, just stay focused and consistent with your answers. 

Sometimes you’ll even find the same question. Don’t be naive, that’s not a mistake, that little red light should go off in your head – it’s a test. And you better make sure you pass it. If you manage to do that, your chances of qualifying for this (or future surveys for that matter) can grow exponentially.

Answer extra profiling questions 

As we’ve already established, survey companies want (and need) quality data. And they have designed certain “defence mechanisms” to ensure they’re getting what they’re paying for. That’s why, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, they included some extra profiling questions. In the case of Drumo, it’s called a Daily Poll. 

They basically are meant to help the system get to know you a bit better to come up with some survey recommendations based on your answers. Obviously, not everyone is suitable for every single survey –  there could be age restrictions, different backgrounds, cultural differences and many more. 

Profiling questions help identify the ones that might be tailored to your preferences. And it actually works both ways – they’re not interested in wasting your time and display surveys you want no part of. Answer these questions truthfully and you get to participate in projects you find appealing and have a chance of qualifying for. 

Saves you (and them) a lot of time. Be smart, take this chance and use it to your advantage.

Pay attention to quality check questions 

We already touched upon this next point on our list, but it really is extremely important. Some surveys ask some seemingly random questions that are designed to check if you’re paying attention – if you fail that test, you may get disqualified. That’s why you should always take them seriously.

This probably sounds a little ominous, but there’s absolutely no need to be worried. These questions are simple and rather straightforward, like “Please choose C, to show you’re paying attention”, so all you have to do is… Yeah, you guessed it, choose C. Of course, the actual content can differ, but you get the gist. Your knowledge or memory is not measured here. 

Always provide real data 

Believe us – it’s for your own good. With so many high-end, fine-tuned algorithms finding inconsistencies or blatant made-up answers is much easier than it may seem. 

Prove your value

To that point – honestly, it’s not just about “not getting caught”. providing real data and quality information increases your value and credibility for future gigs you may find on these websites. This is part of the reason why they even ask you these questions – so that they can recommend surveys targeted specifically for you; it speeds up any selection process. It also makes things much more convenient for you since you won’t be forced to scan the app for the best surveys for you – you’ll have them served on a silver plate. It’s all about cutting out all the waste.

Missing the mark

Remember, whether you like it or not, you have a direct impact on the company’s business decisions. Yes, we know, it may sound a bit far-fetched, but it doesn’t make it untrue. You’re a part of the decision-making process, however small. By providing real answers, you’re showing you care.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Let’s say you managed to “get away” with some fake information you entered and now you get survey recommendations, full of questions to which you can’t possibly provide an honest answer. Even if somehow you do, fine, congratulations. And now what? You’re not here for one survey, if you want to make a mark in the world of online surveys, you’re in for a long haul. And when you,  for lack of a better term, “cheat the system” – you’re doing yourself any favours.

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Avoid using VPN/Adblock/shared or risky internet connections 

All of the above can get in you in trouble as survey services consider these red flags for potentially fraudulent users.


This is a serious one. While your answers to profiling questions and quality questions are important for the reasons we’ve already discussed, using VPN, Tor or a proxy can really set you back. These services often have a very strict policy on that and, more often than not, they won’t hesitate to close accounts that fail to adhere to these rules.


This popular plug-in will not get in this much trouble, but it can cause some issues with tracking your progress, or in other words, your payments and that’s the whole point with paid online surveys. Some of the work you’ve done may not be saved, so at the very least remember to turn off your AdBlock when you’re planning on logging in to the platform.

Non-secure or shared connections

This one is chiefly about your safety – these apps or sites for taking surveys contain and store sensitive information about you and, as we all know, sharing it isn’t the best idea. Also, if somebody else is using the same network for similar purposes as you are, this can be a red flag for some survey platforms. It goes back to having multiple accounts, which is not allowed.

Create only one account per device/household

This is also something to look out for. Typically all the rules are laid out in Terms and Conditions, so before you think about setting up an account, make sure you’re at least familiar with the key points. They are very serious about their one-account policy and it’s important to really understand what it means.

If your parents, siblings, or roommates also want to get into paid online surveys and use the same network to do so – just make sure it’s actually allowed. In many cases, that’s enough reason to get your account banned.

Take your time 

Look, we get it. It’s supposed to be a simple side hustle you could do without pushing yourself too hard. Overall – we do believe it’s true but, nevertheless, speeding through a survey might not be the best idea. Everybody wants to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, cash in their rewards, move on to another one and make some more money. Rinse and repeat. That’s perfectly fine, but remember you can get disqualified even after you’ve completed a survey. Companies monitor the answers quite closely and if they find some inconsistencies or unusual patterns, you can get yourself kicked out. That means all you’ve done is wasted your time. Be diligent, it’s not that hard.  Just to clarify – nobody expects you to act as if you were working at a bank. All you have to do is come up with an honest answer. Simple as that.

Pay attention to open-ended questions 

Just look at it from your employer’s perspective. They are gathering data that can later be used in their marketing or business strategy. This is the base, and if the base is off – the whole project is doomed. That’s why you always have to try to provide clear and coherent answers. We get it, sometimes it can be a little difficult, but there’s no way around it. Answers that are too short or irrelevant to the question carry no value. Maybe you won’t get rejected or disqualified, but it will most definitely affect your respondent score. This metric is single-handedly the most important factor in the selection process.

how to make $100per week?

Paid online surveys – How to make $100 per week? 

Now, some real questions. How do I make it count? How to make sure this whole paid online surveys business is as profitable as possible? 


Let’s start with due diligence. Do your research and try to find the perfect balance between reliable and lucrative. Start with a trustworthy provider and then look for high-paying jobs. Don’t cut any corners here. There are plenty of scammers out there. If you find a website that doesn’t have a privacy policy, offers super high rewards, asks for a downpayment or you can’t find any reviews online – don’t use it. If something smells too fishy, it’s probably not a genuine website.

Time management

The beauty of making money with online surveys is in the fact anyone can do it casually and get a little something. You don’t have to push yourself too much, you don’t need to think constantly about it. And that’s absolutely fine. Unfortunately, getting to $100 a week with that attitude is not going to happen. You need to set aside a specific amount of time in a day specifically for taking surveys. 

Build your credibility 

We’ve already mentioned something called the respondent score. This is nothing more than a grade you get for taking surveys based on the quality of your answers. You want to make sure this value is as high as possible. How? Provide consistent, clear and coherent answers, especially when it comes to the open-ended questions, and pay attention to quality check questions. 

Keep your streak going

Plenty of websites offer special extra rewards for daily login or a simple activity, so make sure you don’t sleep on those. They’re a great way to really maximize your earnings and sometimes give a little boost to your respondent score.

Referral programme

Most survey sites or apps offer bonuses for referring a friend. Bringing in new users can be a quick and effective method for making something extra. Remember – just make sure you’re not using the same network.

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Paid online surveys – How not to be disqualified? 

Nobody likes rejection. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life and – a part of taking online surveys. Yes, you’re going to have to deal with it. And it’s completely natural – it’s impossible to fit every single profile any given survey is looking for. Let’s say a there’s one that needs respondents who play computer games 4 times a week and you’re not in that group… Well, you have no business taking them. 

We did mention extra profiling questions and how important they are in getting personalized survey recommendations. Unfortunately, with so many questions and surveys, it really is impossible to ask them all and create a foolproof formula for every single type of survey.

It’s nothing personal – just a matter of meeting the criteria.

how not to be disqualified

Be honest

Profiling questions are here to make your job easier, so do yourself a favour – give honest and truthful answers. It’s about linking you up with surveys specifically matching your profile.

Quality is king

We’ve already said, and we’ll say it again – always provide consistent, clear answers. Show that you care, and prove your value. If you’re speeding through surveys like there’s no tomorrow, and give lazy or fake answers the algorithms are eventually going to discover that. This kind of data is worthless.

Technical Issue

Yes, sometimes it’s not you, it’s a technical error in the survey setup. If you suspect anything like that might’ve happened, make sure you get in touch with Technical Support as soon as possible. 


Just because a survey offers high rewards, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should only apply for those. High-paying surveys typically have higher disqualification rates, so make sure you diversify – apply for different types for the best ROI.


We can’t stress it enough – don’t use shared networks from some public places, it’s simply too risky and not worth the consequences.

Paid online surveys – TOP 10 mistakes to avoid when taking surveys 

So let’s recap. There are certain rules you need to follow, otherwise, you might not be able to receive or withdraw your payment. Here’s a list of the top 10 mistakes you need to avoid when taking online surveys:

  1. trying to fake your location (eg. with VPN) 
  2. creating a fake profile 
  3. creating multiple accounts 
  4. providing inconsistent answers 
  5. trying to manipulate survey links – this may result in an instant permanent ban
  6. failing to pick the right answer to quality check questions 
  7. speeding through a survey 
  8. straight-lining – eg. always selecting ‘A’ in all the questions
  9. not providing an answer or providing too short answers in open-ended questions 
  10. using shared or risky connections  – suspicion you might be faking your location, just like with VPN

Paid online surveys – How to Avoid Scams? 

paid online surveys how to avoid scams

Taking surveys may not be as intense as a boxing match but you still need to protect yourself at all times. Use all the tools the Internet has to offer nowadays – trustworthy sites for reviews, like Trustpilot, check social media and browse the web in search of any negative opinions or warnings. Do the research and pay attention. 

Any site that asks for your money is most likely not genuine, same goes for sites that promise wonders. If they claim you can make an exorbitant amount of money in a matter of few days – just don’t trust them. 

Another thing we should be wary of is providing some suspiciously personal information. We’re not talking about your professional background, full name, address or zip code. More like bank credentials or specific passwords. Legit sites simply don’t need that, so don’t fall for that trick.

Also, don’t wait for too long before you cash out. In order to minimize the risk of losing your money, it’s best to withdraw your rewards on a regular basis. Choose sites that offer low minimum cashout threshold and have transparent and clear rules on that. For a platform like Drumo it’s as low as $0.5. And it’s not just money. One more thing to bear in mind – legit survey sites typically offer plenty of different paid tasks, like games, rewarded videos and many more. 

You can also try to get ahold of their Customer Support to see if they reply. If the answer is yes, then it’s definitely a good sign. Another thing you can do is go through the privacy policy and Terms and Conditions and make sure there aren’t any suspicious clauses (e.g., that they are allowed to share your personal information at will).

Is it the best time of day to take paid online surveys?

paid online surveys best time

We have some good and bad news in that department. No, there’s no such thing as the best time to take a survey. Generally speaking, they are all available 24/7. Of course, over the weekends or national holidays, you will see a substantial increase in traffic, which means getting in is going to get far more competitive, but that’s about it. Don’t worry about it too much. Log in whenever you want or can and search for the surveys that match your profile.

The bad news here is exactly the same – there’s no such thing as the best time to take a survey, which means you can’t really find a perfect time of the day to make more money more quickly. No tricks or shortcuts here.

Paid online surveys – quick summary 

How to qualify for high-paying online surveys? 

Make sure your respondent score is high. It can be tricky as some sites display it, and some don’t, but if you provide consistent, high-quality answers and stick to the rules, you’ll be fine.

How do I maximize my earnings?

In short – the more you put in, the more you get out. Set up a schedule, log in every day and look for bonuses – either a daily activity or try and bring some new users. Also, remember to apply for different types of surveys, not just the ones offering the biggest rewards.

What should I avoid, if I want to make it in the world of paid online surveys? 

Don’t break the rules to try to “cheat the system” – that means not VPNs, Tor or proxies. Always use a stable, safe connection and provide clear answers. No speeding through, no rushing.

How much can I make taking paid online surveys?

It depends on the time and effort you’re willing to put in, but with a good plan and execution, it’s not unreasonable to expect around $100 a week.