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Donate to help Ukraine

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By placing this order, you will allow Drumo to proceed with a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The ICRC is a humanitarian organization with the goal of protecting victims of international and internal armed conflicts, such victims include war wounded persons, prisoners, refugees, civilians, and other non-combatants.

Drumo (Gamekit S.A.) is not affiliated with ICRC and will proceed to deposit the selected amount in the form of a private independent donation under Drumo name on your behalf. Please notice the donations will be made "in bulk" when a certain threshold is reached, this means the donation will not be instantaneous but may take up to 48 hours after you placed the order.

ICRC official website:
Live coverage of the situation in Ukraine:

How to redeem the reward?
After placing the order you will receive a "thank you" message instead of the product key. This message is needed for technical reasons only, you do not need to use it anywhere.

Drumo will proceed with the donation as soon as possible but please be aware it make take up to 48 hours after placing the order.