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$5 Walmart

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With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in stores or online at You’ll find a wide assortment of top electronics, toys, home essentials and more!

How to redeem the reward?
Visit the link you can find in "My rewards" section.

You can use your eGift card in-store by printing it out or showing it to your cashier on your mobile device.

To use your eGift card on
  1. Add items to your cart normally and proceed to checkout
  2. Confirm your delivery and pickup information
  3. Under Enter payment method, select Gift card
  4. Enter your gift card number and PIN
  5. Click Apply Gift Card

If your order total is less than the amount on your gift card, Walmart will store the remaining balance on your account for you to use toward a future purchase. If your order total is more than the amount on your gift card, choose another payment method to pay the remaining balance. You can use up to five gift cards on one order, or combine a gift card payment with your credit/debit card or in-store cash payment.

Save a Gift Card
To save a gift card to your account for later use:
  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Under Manage Account, select Gift Cards
  3. Select Add a New Gift Card
  4. If you don't have any gift cards saved on your account, the form to add a new gift card pulls up automatically
  5. Enter your gift card number and PIN
  6. If you'd like, add a nickname so you can quickly tell your gift cards apart
  7. Select Save

Once a gift card is stored on your account, you don't have to re-enter the PIN when using it at checkout, so be sure to use caution if you share your account with a family member.