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Drumo Cashback Offers are a rewards program where you can earn a percentage of the money spent while shopping. In order to participate, you need to be logged in to your Drumo account, enable tracking (no Adblock or similar software is allowed) and pick an offer you'd like to take part in. Once you pick an offer and click on the link via Drumo Offers page, you'll be taken to the brand's website. We'll track it when you buy an item that is eligible for the Cashback Program, and once your purchase is confirmed by the store (it may take a few weeks) you'll receive your reward on Drumo.
We will credit your account immediately when the purchase is confirmed by the store. This may take a couple of weeks depending on the brand (eg. they may need to account for order delivery time, cancellations or returns). You will receive an email confirmation once an Offer has been completed.
No. You will be credited only for offer completions made via the link available on Drumo. Also if you try to start the same offer both from Drumo and some other website/app, we may not be able to track your completion.
Please read through the description of a given offer. Unless otherwise stated, a cashback offer can only be completed once.
No. We need to track your shopping activity in order to link your reward back to your account. Make sure you do not have Adblock (or any similar solution that may affect tracking) turned on when using Drumo.
There may be a couple of reasons why a cashback reward may be rejected by the brand. Most common ones include: - order cancellation or return - order was not finalized online - order has not been paid - you used a voucher or a promo code that was not approved by the store - the cashback offer is provided to new customers only and you have shopped with that store before - you did not meet the Terms and Conditions of an offer Please read the Offer description carefully to make sure you follow all the rules & instructions. Please not that we may not know exactly why an Offer has been rejected.