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Rewards and gift cards

Check how much a reward costs in the "Rewards" section. Before placing your first order, you will be asked to verify your account. We use a variety of verification methods including ID verification (selfie and document verification), phone number verification and connecting a valid PayPal account. Using different verification methods verification adds an extra layer of security because in this way we ensure that we send your earnings to a real person. We strongly recommend having a verified PayPal account - it can speed up the order delivery process. If you collected enough dollars, just click on the product, then click the "Redeem" button. After the verification process, the money will be transferred to your account (if you chose PayPal) or you'll receive the key and instructions on how to use it (if you ordered a gift card). The cost of the reward you selected will be deducted from your account balance.
Each order you place on Drumo goes through our verification process that may take from a couple of seconds up to 24h (but usually much less). There's nothing to worry about: this is a standard procedure that applies to all accounts on Drumo. Our long standing members with verified PayPal accounts and high quality scores enjoy faster (or even instant) payouts and higher survey limits (read more on improving your quality score here: https://drumo.com/blog/paid-online-surveys/). In some rare cases the verification may be extended to a couple of days but this happens only when our system detects some irregularities related to your account (such as the use of VPN/proxy, low quality answers, multiple accounts etc.). If you don't receive your order within 24h, please contact our support team.