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Drumo and you

Drumo is an awesome reward website. It's very easy: you earn cash rewards by completing surveys, offers or playing games. When you collect enough dollars, you can redeem the reward of your choice from our Reward section.
The Terms and Conditions are always available at https://drumo.com/terms and https://drumo.com/privacy.
By answering survey questions on Drumo you agree to share your personal information with Drumo. Drumo then forwards the same information to trusted third parties to offer its services and products as well as for security & compliance reasons. For example, we need your personal information, such as your age and interests to find the right survey for you. Please note that in most of the cases the data is provided to third parties voluntarily by you (you are directed to a third-party mobile or browser destination) and Drumo only acts as an intermediary.
You can go to Drumo’s login page, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions to recover your password.
You can delete your account in your account settings: https://drumo.com/me/settings
The surveys easily spot fake data or inconsistent answers and disqualify the users who provided them. Constantly providing fake data or inconsistent answers will oblige us to remove you from our user base and you will not be eligible for new surveys. . On the contrary, answering honestly is the best way to get access to high payout surveys.
Unfortunately you cannot. The surveys available for you are selected based on many factors, one of them is your geographic location. Using a VPN, a proxy, or any other tool able to modify your real location will send you to the wrong surveys and the system will block your account.
Please go to https://drumo.com/contact and tell us what your problem is, we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Currently Drumo is available in the US only.
The most common reasons for account suspension include: 1. using VPN/proxy connections 2. trying to use Drumo from countries that are not currently supported 3. giving low-quality answers in surveys (providing too short or inconsistent answers, failing at attention check questions, speeding) 4. creating multiple accounts By taking surveys on Drumo you're participating in market research that has real impact on brands, products and services, and we need to ensure that we provide our Partners with top quality answers. If you believe that none of these reasons apply to your situation, please send us a message at: https://drumo.com/contact - our support will review your account.