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The Offerwall is a collection of offers from our trusted partners. You can earn $ on Drumo by completing these offers, but their verification is not under our control. Please remember that we will accept only offer completions started and completed through the links available on Drumo. Most offers can be completed only once per person (make sure to read the Terms and Conditions of each offer). Also, you should not use any ad blocker or any other third-party software that may block our ability to track offer completion.
No, unless stated differently in the offer, each offer an be completed only if it's the first time you are using this specific offer. Please be sure to complete it through the link available on Drumo. For example: if you find the offer "Download and open the Amazon app to earn $1", you are eligible to use this offer only if you have never used the Amazon app before and you clicked the link to that offer directly from Drumo.
You will receive credit once we get the confirmation of completion from our Partner. In most cases your reward will be granted on the same day but there may be some delays in crediting (which is normal). Please make sure to read the instructions carefully to make sure you've met all the requirements for completing an offer. You will receive an email notification from Drumo once we confirm your offer completion. If you haven't received credit for your completion within 24 hours, please contact the Offerwall Partner as we're unable to see your activity on a particular offer. For Offertoro Offerwall: - Click the green icon "My $" in top right corner. - Choose "Missing credits" - After 24h from completing an offer, you should have the access to a form where you can report missing credits. Please follow the instructions and remember to upload a proof (screenshot from your device showing all the information needed). If you do not receive a resolution or you're having any other issues with the Offerwall, please contact our support.