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Just click on "surveys" from our menu. You will find a list of available surveys with data about their estimated completion time and how much you will earn by completing them. Choose the one you prefer and complete it.
Of course you can! We have a mobile app available: Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drumo.app.androidApp iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1571305164 that offers the same (or more!) features as the web version. You can use the same Drumo account across all your devices and keep earning on the go!
The surveys look for specific people in terms of age, gender and so on. If your answers show you do not match that target audience, the survey will end. The best way to qualify to more high-payout surveys is to complete (and keep up-to-date) your Survey Profile (available here: https://drumo.com/me/profile). Remember to always provide consistent and honest answers - surveys are made in such a way to easily spot fake, inconsistent answers and fake data (that's why some may ask the same or similar questions multiple times). On the contrary, one of the ways to have more surveys "fitting" your profile (and therefore complete more surveys) is to answer as honestly as possible. We know it's frustrating to spend some time on a survey and then get suddenly disqualified, but do not worry: different surveys are looking for different people and demographics, and our team is working the whole time to increase our survey inventory to offer you more surveys to complete.
There are a couple of reasons why there may be no surveys available to you: 1. At the moment there are no surveys matching your profile (age, sex, location and so on), so you just have to come back in some time. 2. You've reached the daily limit of completed surveys per 24h. You can still earn by completing offers, playing games and participating in other paid activities. To take more surveys, please come back in a few hours. 3. Your account has been flagged for quality reasons (usually it happens because of the inconsistent answers or fake data you provided in the past). In this case, we can no longer offer surveys to you.
Follow these easy rules: - Always answer honestly to all the questions. - Do not use any VPN, proxy or similar tool in order to modify your location. - Do not create more than one account on Drumo. - Disable any adblock tool you may have before logging into Drumo.